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The Best Outdoor

“THE BEST OUTDOOR” is an innovative product that INTES SPA introduced in the market more than a decade ago. It is designed to give outdoor furniture the same comfort that our customers experience in their living room.

Thanks to the combination of synthetic rubber and polypropylene thread specifically treated to perform outdoor, this article resists to fading and deterioration phenomenas caused by UV rays, solar radiation and air pollution.

Due to its prestigious aesthetic and 14 different color choices, this elastic webbing is to be applied without being covered.

THE BEST OUTDOOR can be applied to metallic or wooden frames thanks to the extended range of stainless steel hooks we offer.

Outdoor 1

Outdoor Soft Touch

The elastic webbing OUTDOOR SOFT TOUCH is the newest addition to Intes product range. The use of Taslan yarn, produced with a water texturing technique that doesn’t spoil the fibers, makes this exclusive belt SOFT TOUCH and natural looking. Thanks to special anti-pilling properties, this article is ideal for interior furniture, outdoor projects and the contract sector.

Outdoor 2
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