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Company Vision

Till today, INTES remains the only leading reality in the elastic webbing industry.

What sets us apart?

  • We uphold to the highest qualitative standards by continuously investing in technology innovation to improve our productive efficiency.
  • We offer a versatile product and we develop custom tailored solutions for specific applications in order to achieve the stylistic and comfort objectives required by each customer.
  • We commit ourselves to the goal of holding onto these values through trust, respect and a shared vision.

A family success story

Our Origins

Our Origins Our Origins

It was 1964 when Giuseppe Seroldi, INTES’ founder, patented what would shortly become one of the most revolutionary products in the upholstered seat industry, destined to replace the seating springs, to speed up the production and to improve the performance of the finished goods.

Our history is adorned by a series of successes that led INTES SPA, a family business now in its third generation, to be the leading company in the elastic webbing industry.

Our Success

Our Success Our Success

Our biggest success is the leading industry brands’ continuous loyalty towards INTES products and services. In the last five decades, we have reached significant progress in the area of technological research and considerably increased our range of products in order to satisfy the industry’s growing demand.

Our unique productive chain, empowered by INTES in-house manufactured webbing machines, combines specialized human resources to the most advanced technologies to guarantee the maximum elasticity in compliance to the highest quality standards.

Year after year, INTES consolidated its leading role in the industry by introducing an innovative system to cover the threads, developing new applied systems to optimize the production process.

Present Day

Present Day

In 2016, INTES SPA has been selected to become part of the Italian Stock Market’s Elite Project, an International platform that supports worthy Italian companies by providing them with a large variety of services to accomplish growth and development projects. Indeed, INTES aims to develop new productive opportunities by evaluating possible acquisitions in the emerging markets.

CEO Luca Seroldi and Sales manager Paola Seroldi, BOD members, are now at the helm of the company, achieving the same great success that always distinguished this company’s history whilst continuing the family values passed on by their father, Giuseppe Seroldi, INTES’s founding father.