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Elastic webbings


ELASBELT is INTES’ best seller due to the high qualitative standards and the rubber covering that guarantees endurance and efficiency.

ELASBELT line features 2 different types of elastic belts: SUPER or EXTRA. The difference between the 2 articles lays in the quality of the rubber.

Traditional crossover application.

Elasbelt 1
Elasbelt 2
Elasbelt 3


NEA is a very high quality elastic belt that allows unidirectional application to frames making it a valid alternative to the classic crossover application system of INTES elastic belts.

The high percentage of rubber contained by NEA gives this product endurance and excellent performance

Nea 1
Nea 2
Nea 3


The greater width allows Comfort products to cover a wider surface and provides a better overall performance. The high percentage of rubber contained grants this line with the perfect elastic properties.

Comfort 1
Comfort 2
Comfort 3