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Elastic webbing with hooks for chaise longue with standard measures

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Product available for sale only in the European Union

Set of 35 pieces of elastic webbing 30 mm height, ready to be applied to your chaise longue.

Belts available with single hooks, double hooks or no hooks (closed-loop).

Available in the classic black color (only for indoor use) or in red and beige color (for both indoor and outdoor use).

Detailed instructions included in the set.

Measurements refer to the HOLE TO HOLE distance of the chaise frame. All belts will be manufactured slightly shorter to allow the application with the correct tension and guarantee the optimal product duration and the performance you deserve. Please do check if your chaise longue’s HOLE TO HOLE measure corresponds to the one written in the DOCUMENT attached in this section. If not, please go to the “ELASTIC WEBBING WITH HOOKS FOR CHAISE LONGUE WITH CUSTOM MEASURES” where you will be able to purchase the article according to your needs.